About CityGrows

CityGrows is an easy-to-use, self-service cloud platform that allows governments to digitize their processess and workflows, thereby improving operational efficiency, transparency, and compliance.

For more information about how CityGrows works and how to use it, click here. Keep reading for information about our company and our team!

Our process management software was designed in partnership with local government employees, constituents and stakeholders, starting with our first client, the City of Santa Monica. Everything about our company, from our core platform to our business model, is designed to provide cost-effective scalable tools and better local government digital services.

Local governments are using our platform to host and manage many types of processes - such as business licenses, Fictitious Business Name Registrations, Board and Commission Applications, Worksite Transportation Plans and Block Party Permits - all configured and managed by non-technical local employees. Our platform offers unlimited workflows, unlimited users, and is designed to support and encourage broad implementation across multiple departments and divisions. Our clients see improvements in efficiency and compliance rates along with staff and constituent satisfaction.

CityGrows creates a collaborative, constructive, and inclusive government ecosystem that promotes civic engagement and creates strong bonds between constituents and their governments.

The CityGrows platform allows any government employee – regardless of technical skill – to structure and improve their workflows by collecting information from the public, automating constituent communications, processing online payments, and making the work they’re doing easily accessible as open understandable data.

Our company is organized around a mission to improve the connection between constituents and government. It is guided by our core values:

  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Equity
  • Iteration
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Positivity
  • Compassion

We have created a business model that incentivizes transparency, technology adoptions, innovation, iteration, and continual process improvement. We have been in operation since early 2016. Because we have been able to build our software and grow our business without venture capital investment, we’re uniquely able to make decisions about our pricing and product that align our interests with those of our clients. There’s no reason that individual local governments should shoulder the burden of paying for custom software when a shared services/platform model allows any government entity to access excellent technology that would traditionally be cost-prohibitive if deployed for just one process, department, or city.

CityGrows was founded by Stephen Corwin who is our Chief Technology Officer. Catherine Geanuracos is CEO and Co-founder.

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