Dog Licensing with CityGrows

Roger & Delores of CityGrows say welcome!

Dog licensing on CityGrows is super easy to set up, and free for cities and towns (zero start-up costs).

Follow these instructions to create a dog licensing process for your town or city. Before getting started, you'll want to make sure you've mapped out the process your community follows to register dogs.

Once you've got the process steps mapped out, it's time to get online!

Step 1 - Create an account

Create a CityGrows account

Step 2 - Clone our dog license template

We've built out a dog license template on CityGrows that covers the most common requirements of dog licensing including: uploading rabies and spay/neuter certificates and steps for town staff to review and approve the license application before accepting payment.

Here's a link to the dog license template

From the dog license template, click the ellipses next to the process title and select clone this process from the menu.


Step 2.1 - Now you're on the template building screen. Add steps depending on your needs, but we generally like to start with a 'Basic Step' that includes instructions

Here's a high level overview of the dog license template. Each step has more detailed information. For a full walk through of how to create a process, please visit our How-to page.

Step 3 - Publish your template

Publish the template in order to make it publicly accessible. The template in the screenshot below is 'Not published' - if you successfully publish your process it will change to 'Published'.


You'll see the link to launch your process under your CityGrows public profile which is always{your user name}

Here's a screenshot of the CityGrows public account, where we have a number of sample templates available (including the sample dog license template):

Dog owners in your town or city should be directed to your public profile. Once they create CityGrows logins, they will be able to launch the process and register their dogs online!

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