Can I use CityGrows?

Yes! There are no restrictions on who can use CityGrows. Our platform is used by cities, towns, and counties with populations ranging from 10,000 to 3,000,000.

Is there an API?

We're working on it

How much does CityGrows cost?

The core platform is free. We only charge for payment processing and private data. Find out why.

What happens if I make changes to a template while people are already using it?

Each time you edit and republish a template, a new "version" of that template is created. This means that any constituents that are already part-way done completing a process when you make your change will not see that change, and will be able to continue, undisrupted. If you need your changes to be reflected immediately, we recommend you halt any open processes and ask the constituents who launched them to start over using the latest version.

Can CityGrows generate a "permit" for people who have completed an application process?

Constituents can download a "summary" document in PDF form of the information submitted as part of a process. If your system needs to issue a custom document, please contact us at [email protected].

Does CityGrows integrate with external GIS platforms?

Not out of the box, but we're happy to work with you in getting something set up that meets your needs. Please contact us at [email protected]

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