Process templates and steps

In order to get your constituents using a process, you can build one using a Process Template. When you’re creating a process template, you think through each step of your process – each point in the process where something needs to happen to move it along. CityGrows allows you to have different types of steps:

  • Collecting information,
  • Collecting a fee or processing a payment,
  • Assigning a staff member to manage the process,
  • Documenting a staff member’s or department's review or approval,
  • Recording an amount of time that has to pass (for example, a required public notice period).

Each process template is built out of these steps. After you've built your process template, you (or members of the public) can launch that process over and over again- so every time someone new applies to rent a park, a new process gets started in the system. It's that simple!

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