CityGrows vs other products

We know that deciding which software to use isn't easy. New products become available everyday, and it can often be a challenge to find the perfect match for your government's needs. But don't worry--we're here to help!

What is the difference between CityGrows and Adobe Forms / Google Forms / Seamless Docs / Screendoor / etc

CityGrows is free

We recognize that even the smallest cost can get in the way of adopting a new piece of software. Therefor, we guarantee that the core CityGrows platform will always be free.

Fully white-labeled

CityGrows is not restricted to any one use-case. Rather, you can use CityGrows to manage any kind of process you want, everything from a simple licensing process to a convoluted building permit to an internal-only hiring process.

No technical knowledge required

The CityGrows interface was designed to be as user friendly as possible and does not require any prior technical skill to use. The days of having to spend budget on maintenance and IT consultants are over.

Structured around "processes," not forms

The process doesn't end when the form is submitted! Our product is designed to continue to manage active permitting and licensing processes as they work their way through complex systems of review and approval for days, weeks, or even months after the form is submitted.

Designed for transparency

We make it easy to keep constituents happy. CityGrows is equipped for transparency and can generate public information, stats, and insights about your processes at the flick of a switch. No additional products or licenses required!

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