Steps: Review

Public processes frequently require review or approval – from within a department or from representatives of multiple departments. This type of step lets you indicate that a review of the application is necessary, and you must assign a specific person or group of people to do it. For example, a special event permit may need a specific person in the Parks and Rec department to review any application that includes a request for amplified sound or food sales. You may include multiple groups or departments in each review step if you'd like reviews to happen simultaneously.

For each review group you're able to:

- Give the reviewer or review group a title.

- Determine whether the review is required or optional.

- Ask for a signature from the reviewer.

We strongly recommend having more than one staff person in each review group, so that if someone is on vacation or out sick, a process can still move forward.

For more about how staffers use CityGrows to review applications once a template is published and in use, please see our guide: How to Review Applications on CityGrows.

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