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Name of your idea or project DoggyDate
Which challenge area does your idea respond to? Building Community, Economic Opportunity
Describe your idea and how it can help Santa Monica We are creating a dating app for dog lovers. We are setting out to create a fun way to connect dog lovers in their community. Our company wants to give back and help shelters use our platform to connect with dog lovers that are looking to adopt. We also are creating an in app feature that will help connect our users with local brick and mortar retail stores that specialize in dog products. We're hoping to create new commerce for these stores with our userbase, we also look forward to creating social mixers and events in the neighborhood that will get our userbase out to local shops, creating commerce, connections, and most importantly love!
What stage is your idea or project in? Prototype / MVP built
What needs to happen to launch your product? Please list all resources (hardware, software, licensing, legal/regulatory, funding, partnership or support from the City, data, etc.) required to launch your program. Currently my company has completed building the IOS version, we are about 40 percent complete on our android version. Apple has already approved our IOS version. We are in the process of raising $25,000 at a half million dollar evaluation. This 25,000 would enable us to upgrade our website, hire the pr firm we are targeting (FRESH PR), create our social media content including commercials. The rest of the $25,000 would go toward social media marketing for user acquisition, and also will help with creating a division of our business to connect with local dog shelters and helping them use our app as a platform to help with their dog adoptions.
How realistic is it for your idea to be implemented by early 2018? Please describe what resources (if any) you will need in order to ensure a working product by early next year. I'm very confident that we'll be able to launch in early 2018. Our Android version will be completed by mid December. As long as our funding comes through we can officially set our launch date and be ready to roll.

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