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Name of your idea or project Climate Change Resilience
Which challenge area does your idea respond to? Building Community, Learning
Describe your idea and how it can help Santa Monica Our idea is to extend climate resilience strategies to reach diverse community members and visitors of the city. We will develop an app or interactive website with strong visual representations on sustainable solutions and best practices in the region. Our aim is for the technology to appeal to people of all ages. We hope it can inspire and empower users to be active in developing innovative solutions, and lead in climate advocacy for the next generation. Furthermore, if this idea can be scaled throughout Los Angeles County, users can ask questions and get advice from one another to close knowledge gaps across communities.
What stage is your idea or project in? Idea stage
What needs to happen to launch your product? Please list all resources (hardware, software, licensing, legal/regulatory, funding, partnership or support from the City, data, etc.) required to launch your program. Funding, data on current educational outreach strategies the City uses, climate or sustainability data from the City, legal/regulatory information.
How realistic is it for your idea to be implemented by early 2018? Please describe what resources (if any) you will need in order to ensure a working product by early next year. We can have a working product by early 2018. We would need app or web launch support.

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Team Name Latinas In STEM - Climate
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