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Name of your idea or project Lunch Break
Which challenge area does your idea respond to? Building Community, Health, Place and Planet, Economic Opportunity
Describe your idea and how it can help Santa Monica Lunch Break is a way for young professionals in the budding Santa Monica startup community to bond, build team morale and compete against one another, all while promoting healthy living and raising money for the community. In essence, Lunch Break is the startup olympics. Businesses registered in Santa Monica can sign up and create teams to participate in one-off weekly challenges against other local companies, primarily held during workday lunch hours. Each event will have a small entry fee in order to facilitate the fundraising efforts. Taking advantage of Santa Monica’s open public spaces, challenges may include volleyball or softball games, scavenger hunts, debate or chess tournaments, etc. Lunch Break’s web app and leaderboard will manage all registrations and track company participation/funds raised. At the end of each “season,” there will be a closing ceremony to honor all participating businesses and award the cumulative funds raised to that season’s benefiting organization. Lunch Break will help Santa Monica in numerous ways. First, it will build a sense of camaraderie within and among local businesses, especially young professionals in the startup scene. Second, it will help raise money for a local nonprofit (to be determined by the winning company at the end of each season). Third, by virtue of the combined points above, it will foster a more positive view of the local tech sector and humanize the city government. Fourth, it will promote healthy and active engagement with the city’s beautiful public spaces.
What stage is your idea or project in? Prototype / MVP built
What needs to happen to launch your product? Please list all resources (hardware, software, licensing, legal/regulatory, funding, partnership or support from the City, data, etc.) required to launch your program. We have the in-house resources to design and develop the Lunch Break web app, but we will need roughly $15,000 in funding to complete the process and pay for initial marketing expenses. Outside of funding, we only need support from Santa Monica with respect to permits for hosting events in public spaces and access to the city’s database of local businesses to help spread the word.
How realistic is it for your idea to be implemented by early 2018? Please describe what resources (if any) you will need in order to ensure a working product by early next year. Very realistic. We just need to finish building the software for the Lunch Break web app, seed the competition with a few early challenges and begin signing up companies to participate.

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